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Arcane Arcadia

Tarot of the Haunted House

Tarot of the Haunted House

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Sasha Graham, a bestselling author, and Mirco Pierfederici, a popular Italian artist, have joined forces to bring you Tarot of the Haunted House. This captivating deck offers a unique experience, where each card suggests a compelling and enigmatic story. As you journey through the deck, you'll follow the Fool, who finds herself within a mysterious haunted house. Card by card, room by room, you'll unlock the mansion's true narrative—romantic and chilling—while simultaneously revealing the long-forgotten origins of the Fool.

Key Features:

  • Compelling Storytelling: Tarot of the Haunted House transforms the tarot experience into a gripping narrative as you accompany the Fool through the deck. The cards unveil room after room, allowing you to unlock the mansion's tale.

  • Mysterious and Romantic: The deck's storytelling weaves a story of mystery and romance, adding depth and intrigue to your readings.

  • Companion Booklet: The included booklet provides valuable insights and interpretations, allowing you to understand the symbolism and narratives within the cards. The booklet is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

The Tarot of the Haunted House is a remarkable and beguiling deck that invites you to explore its captivating story. The collaborative work of Sasha Graham and Mirco Pierfederici creates a unique tarot experience that unravels the mysteries of the Fool and the enigmatic haunted mansion. This deck is an opportunity to unlock a tale of romance, mystery, and chilling discoveries as you delve into the world of tarot.

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