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Velouria's Tarot by Samantha Rook

Velouria's Tarot by Samantha Rook

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Velouria's Tarot is a unique and thought-provoking deck that challenges traditional perceptions of femininity, especially within the context of tarot. This deck offers cheerful and soft artwork that encourages readers to find the bright side even in challenging circumstances. It celebrates the idea that feminine energy can be both strong and powerful as well as vulnerable and emotional, challenging the traditional gender binary in tarot.

Key Features:

  • Reimagining Feminine Energy: Velouria's Tarot reimagines and expands the concept of feminine energy, offering a new perspective that challenges conventional tarot interpretations.

  • Cheerful Artwork: The deck features cheerful and soft artwork that provides a fresh and positive outlook on readings.

  • Compact Size: The deck is compact, with a box measuring 4" x 3", making it easy to carry and use for readings on the go.

Velouria's Tarot invites you to explore and redefine the notion of feminine energy, offering a refreshing perspective that embraces strength, vulnerability, and emotion. Whether you're a tarot enthusiast looking to expand your understanding of the cards or someone interested in a unique and uplifting tarot experience, this deck is a valuable addition to your collection.

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