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Witching Hour Oracle by Cherie Gerhardt

Witching Hour Oracle by Cherie Gerhardt

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The Witching Hour Oracle is a magickal tool that allows you to tap into the infinite energy of the universe at its strongest and most accessible moment—the Witching Hour. By channeling the wisdom of the Triple Goddess and the potent energy of lunar cycles, this oracle empowers you to use your intentions to create positive impacts in the world.

Key Features:

  • 39 Potent Cards: The deck includes 39 cards, each filled with magickal wisdom and energy to help you manifest your intentions.

  • Lunar Guidance: Connect with the lunar cycles and the Triple Goddess's wisdom to enhance your personal practice and achieve your desired outcomes.

  • Guidebook: The 64-page guidebook offers insights and instructions for using the oracle to channel the universe's energy and make your intentions a reality.

If you want to work with the energy of the universe, connect with the lunar forces, and manifest your intentions in a positive and impactful way, the Witching Hour Oracle can help you. This oracle deck and guidebook will help you use the Witching Hour’s magickal potential to the fullest. Whether you are new or experienced in the craft, this oracle deck and guidebook will help you harness the power of the universe.

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