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Yggdrasil: Norse Divination Cards

Yggdrasil: Norse Divination Cards

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Yggdrasil: Norse Divination Cards are an 81-card divination deck inspired by the powerful mythology of the Norse. The intricate pen and ink drawings within this deck serve as soulful representations of the Eddas, the written accounts of ancient Norse legends. These cards, combined with the informative guidebook, are designed to be used for divination, guidance, and spiritual connection.

Key Features:

  • 81 Cards: The deck features 81 intricately illustrated cards, each inspired by the rich mythology of the Norse.

  • Informative Guidebook: The 216-page guidebook provides valuable insights and guidance on how to use the cards for divination, spiritual connection, and seeking guidance from the Nordic pantheon.

  • Heathen Revival: Created by a renowned artist and long-time participant in the heathen revival, this kit is a valuable addition for those looking to work more deeply with the Norse pantheon.

Yggdrasil: Norse Divination Cards offer a unique opportunity to connect with the wisdom of the ancient Norse legends and explore the rich mythology of this powerful pantheon. Whether you are already well-versed in Norse mythology or just beginning your journey, this divination deck and guidebook provide a valuable tool for gaining insights and spiritual connection.

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