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Arcane Arcadia

Clear Gazing Ball Set

Clear Gazing Ball Set

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Embrace the mystical with our Clear Gazing Ball Set featuring a witch broom and cauldron stand. This captivating set is perfect for scrying and divination. The clear gazing ball, measuring 100mm, is set atop a cold cast resin base that features a witch broom and cauldron. The gazing ball is removable from the base, allowing you to explore its mystical properties and gaze into the unknown.

Key Features:

Clear Gazing Ball: The clear gazing ball is the focal point of this set, offering a window to the unseen and a tool for divination and scrying.

Witch Broom and Cauldron Stand: The cold cast resin base is adorned with a witch broom and cauldron, adding a touch of mystique to your scrying sessions.

Removable Ball: The gazing ball can be easily removed from the base, offering flexibility in your scrying practice and allowing you to use it in various settings.

With the Clear Gazing Ball Set, you can embark on a journey of divination and scrying. Use the clear gazing ball to seek insights, visions, and guidance from the mystical realms, and explore the enigmatic world of scrying with style and flair.

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