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Arcane Arcadia

Aurora Gazing Ball

Aurora Gazing Ball

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Experience the timeless art of divination with our classic Aurora Gazing Ball. This enchanting gazing ball showcases a mesmerizing aurora of colors coalescing through its surface. Available in both 50mm and 80mm sizes, it is crafted with 10% quartz crystal, enhancing its spiritual properties. Please note that the stand is not included with this gazing ball.

Key Features:

Classic Divination Tool: The gazing ball is a classic tool for divination, allowing you to seek insights and revelations through its mystical and colorful surface.

Rainbow of Colors: The gazing ball features a beautiful array of colors, creating a captivating and enchanting display for your divination work.

Crystal Quartz Enhancement: Crafted with 10% crystal quartz, this gazing ball's spiritual energy is amplified, providing you with a powerful tool for enhancing your mystical practice.

With the Aurora Gazing Ball, available in both 50mm and 80mm sizes, you can immerse yourself in the art of divination and seek guidance through its mesmerizing colors. This gazing ball not only adds visual allure to your practice but also infuses it with a sense of spirituality and insight, allowing you to explore the mystical and vibrant realms of divination.

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