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Clear Buddha Gazing Ball

Clear Buddha Gazing Ball

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Elevate your divination practice with our Clear Buddha Gazing Ball featuring a meditating Buddha upon his Lotus pedestal. This visually striking 80mm gazing ball emits a profound sense of peace, wisdom, and unity. Crafted with 10% quartz crystal, it enhances the energy and mystical quality of the gazing ball. Please note that the 80mm stand is not included with this gazing ball.

Key Features:

Buddha in Meditation: The presence of the meditating Buddha on the gazing ball symbolizes peace, wisdom, and unity, adding a profound and sacred dimension to your divination and scrying work.

Clear Quartz Crystal: The gazing ball is made with 10% clear quartz crystal, renowned for its amplifying and purifying properties, making it an excellent choice for enhancing your divination practice.

With the Clear Buddha Gazing Ball featuring the meditating Buddha, you can infuse your divination space with a sense of peace, wisdom, and unity. This gazing ball offers not only visual beauty but also enhanced energy for your mystical practice, allowing you to explore the sacred and transcendent realms.

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