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Dragon-Stylized Gazing Ball Stand

Dragon-Stylized Gazing Ball Stand

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Adorn your larger gazing balls with our Dragon-Stylized Gazing Ball Stand. This stand is a harmonious blend of simplicity and elegance, designed to accommodate gazing balls with a diameter of 100mm and larger. Its wide base and three legs are stylishly shaped in the image of dragons, adding a touch of mystique to your gazing ball display. The inside ring diameter of the stand is 3 1/2".

Key Features:

Dragon-Inspired Design: The stand's legs are artfully stylized in the form of dragons, creating a captivating and mystical presentation for your larger gazing balls.

Versatile Size: This stand is ideal for holding gazing balls with a diameter of 100mm and larger, offering flexibility in choosing the perfect gazing ball for your divination and scrying needs.

With the Dragon-Stylized Gazing Ball Stand, you can showcase your larger gazing balls with a touch of enchantment. The stand's design adds a sense of elegance and mysticism to your divination space, creating a captivating atmosphere for your mystical practice.

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