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Three Bastet Gazing Ball Stand

Three Bastet Gazing Ball Stand

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Elevate the mystique of your crystal ball collection with our Three Bastet Gazing Ball Stand, an embodiment of strength and elegance. This powerful holder, featuring three Bastet figurines, not only securely cradles your crystal ball but also serves as a captivating statue for any surface. Standing at a height of 2 3/4", this stand is thoughtfully crafted for 50mm crystal balls.

Key Features:

Triple Bastet Guardians: The three Bastet figurines stand as powerful guardians, symbolizing protection and strength. Their presence adds a layer of significance to your crystal ball display.

Versatile Display: Whether cradling a crystal ball or gracing your surface as an exquisite statue, this stand offers versatility in its use, making it a dynamic addition to your sacred space.

Stable and Sturdy: Crafted for durability, the Three Bastet Gazing Ball Stand provides a stable foundation, ensuring that your crystal ball is showcased securely and prominently.

Immerse yourself in the energy of protection and elegance with the Three Bastet Gazing Ball Stand. Let this holder be a focal point in your space, blending the spiritual essence of crystal balls with the symbolic power of the Bastet figurines.

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