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Arcane Arcadia

Claw Gazing Ball Stand

Claw Gazing Ball Stand

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Elevate the presentation of your favorite gazing ball with our Claw Gazing Ball Stand, an extraordinary and unique display piece. The talon, featuring intricate details including bones and a silver snake coiled along the bottom, provides a captivating and mystical aesthetic. Specifically designed to accommodate 50mm balls, this stand stands at 4 1/4", making it a compact yet striking addition to any space.

Key Features:

Unique Design: The Claw Gazing Ball Stand stands out with its distinctive talon design, adorned with bones and a silver snake. It adds an element of mystery and fantasy to your gazing ball display.

Versatile Compatibility: Tailored for 50mm balls, this stand is the perfect fit for showcasing your favorite gazing ball, allowing you to enjoy its beauty from a unique perspective.

Intricate Details: The attention to detail, from the coiled snake to the bone accents, adds a layer of sophistication to the stand, making it a conversation piece in any setting.

Transform the way you showcase your gazing ball with the Claw Gazing Ball Stand. Embrace the mystique and symbolism of its design, turning your display into a captivating focal point that seamlessly blends fantasy and elegance.

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