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Amethyst Double Point Crystal

Amethyst Double Point Crystal

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This Amethyst Double Point Crystal is an exquisite stone that showcases the inherent beauty of Amethyst. These double-terminated points, measuring approximately 2 inches, serve as wondrous additions to your altar, crystal healing sessions, or magical practices. Each stone displays varying colors and inclusions, making them unique and captivating.

Key Features:

  • Natural Amethyst Beauty: The double-terminated points showcase the natural beauty of Amethyst, with its rich hues and crystalline structure. These stones are not only visually appealing but also carry the energetic properties associated with Amethyst.

  • Versatile for Altar or Healing: Whether displayed on your altar for spiritual practices, used in crystal healing sessions, or incorporated into your magical rituals, these Amethyst points serve as versatile and powerful tools.

  • Approximately 2 Inches: Each point measures approximately 2 inches, providing a convenient size for various applications. The compact size allows for easy integration into your spiritual or healing practices.

  • Varying Colors and Inclusions: The stones exhibit varying colors and inclusions, adding to their uniqueness. These natural variations enhance the individuality of each Amethyst point.

Experience the enchanting energy and natural allure of the Amethyst Double Point Crystal as they become focal points in your spiritual space. Let their beauty and inherent properties infuse your practices with the calming and intuitive energies associated with Amethyst.

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