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Calming Angelite Chakra Pendulum

Calming Angelite Chakra Pendulum

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This Calming Angelite Chakra Pendulum is a serene and spiritually uplifting tool for divination. Crafted from Angelite and adorned with colors representing the Chakra system along the chain, this 6-sided pendulum not only facilitates communication and higher awareness but also aids in unblocking all chakras. Sourced from India, each piece varies slightly in size, shape, color, and length, adding a touch of uniqueness to your spiritual practice.

Key Features:

  • Angelite's Peaceful Energy: Angelite is known for its peaceful and calming energy. As a pendulum, it becomes a gentle guide in fostering tranquility, promoting communication, and elevating awareness to higher realms.

  • Chakra-Representative Chain: The chain of the pendulum is adorned with colors representing the Chakra system. This design ensures a harmonious flow of energy, aligning with and unblocking all chakras during divination.

  • Versatile Healing Properties: Angelite's properties extend to various aspects, including weight control, speaking one's truth, cooling burns, and facilitating connections with the angelic realm. This pendulum serves as a versatile tool for physical and spiritual well-being.

  • Unique Variability: Each Angelite pendulum varies slightly in size, shape, color, and length, making it a unique and personalized addition to your divination toolkit.

  • From India: Sourced from India, a land rich in spiritual heritage, this Angelite Chakra Pendulum carries the authenticity and sacredness of its origin.

Experience the soothing and enlightening energy of the Calming Angelite Chakra Pendulum as it becomes a conduit for communication, higher awareness, and connection to the divine. Let its unique qualities guide you on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual exploration.

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