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Arcane Arcadia

Alluring Garnet Pendulum

Alluring Garnet Pendulum

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This 6-Sided Garnet Pendulum is an alluring and powerful tool that has the unique ability to ground 5D energy, helping to manifest your spiritual work in the physical realm. Crafted from authentic Garnet, this pendulum is not only a captivating divination tool but also a conduit for bringing your spiritual intentions into the material world.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Garnet Crystal: This pendulum is made from genuine Garnet, a stone known for its grounding and manifestation properties.

  • Grounding 5D Energy: Garnet possesses the exceptional ability to ground higher-dimensional energies, making it an ideal tool for bringing spiritual work into the physical realm.

  • Versatile Uses: Use this pendulum for divination, manifestation, and grounding spiritual energy, ensuring that your work takes shape in the material world.

  • Size Variations: The pendulum measures 8-9" in length, including the pendulum itself, which ranges from 1" to 2" in size. Please note that sizes may slightly differ.

Discover the captivating and grounding qualities of the Garnet Pendulum. Whether you aim to manifest your spiritual endeavors or seek guidance for divination, this pendulum is a precious asset for your spiritual journey.

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