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Purifying Chakra Selenite Pendulum

Purifying Chakra Selenite Pendulum

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This Purifying Chakra Selenite Pendulum, a powerful tool with the energetic abilities to protect, clear, and open your higher chakras. Crafted from authentic Selenite, this pendulum is not only an excellent choice for divination but also a potent instrument for healing and chakra work.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Selenite Crystal: Crafted from genuine Selenite, this pendulum carries the purifying and high-vibrational energy of this remarkable crystal.

  • Chakra Activation: The Purifying Chakra Selenite Pendulum is designed to assist in chakra work by opening and balancing your higher chakras, aiding in your spiritual and energetic development.

  • Versatile Uses: Selenite is known for its protective and clearing qualities, making this pendulum a versatile tool for divination, energy healing, and chakra alignment.

  • Chakra Pendant: This pendulum features a 1.5" - 2" 6-sided Selenite piece designed for chakra work, ensuring a powerful connection with your higher chakras.

Embrace the cleansing and chakra-balancing qualities of the Purifying Chakra Selenite Pendulum. Whether you desire clarity, protection, or activation of your higher chakras, this pendulum is an invaluable asset for your spiritual practice.

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