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Solid Raw Agni Manitites

Solid Raw Agni Manitites

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Introducing the raw, untumbled Agni Manitite, which translates to the "Pearl of Fire." This unique gemstone found in Indonesia is renowned for its swift and direct action on your solar plexus, providing a significant boost to your personal power and energy. While its appearance is darker with little to no transparency, Agni Manitite is a potent ally in enhancing creativity, aiding in manifesting your desires, boosting confidence, and aligning your personal will with your true happiness. This 1lb collection is sold by approximate weight and sourced from Indonesia.

Key Features:

  • Personal Power: Agni Manitite empowers you by working directly with your solar plexus, amplifying your energy and personal power.

  • Creativity and Manifestation: It aids in enhancing creativity and manifesting your desires.

  • Confidence and Alignment: Use this stone to boost your confidence and align your personal will with your true happiness.

  • From Indonesia: Our Agni Manitite pieces are sourced from the mystical landscapes of Indonesia, a region known for producing unique and powerful gemstones.

Embrace the power and potential of Agni Manitite, the "Pearl of Fire." Whether you use these stones for meditation, energy work, or as a source of personal empowerment, they are your steadfast companions on a journey of creativity, manifestation, and alignment with your true self.

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