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Grade AA Raw Amethyst

Grade AA Raw Amethyst

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Experience the enchanting depths of healing and beauty with our AA grade raw, untumbled Amethyst from Madagascar. This collection of 1lb raw Amethyst pieces exudes a higher quality, offering you the opportunity to bask in the rich purple tones that are deeply loved by crystal enthusiasts. Amethyst is celebrated for its diverse and profound healing properties, which include fostering happiness, calming fear, navigating emotional storms with courage and love, promoting peace, enhancing dreamwork, and alleviating insomnia and nightmares. Each piece is unique, sold by weight only, and possesses a delightful mix of sizes, shapes, colors, and inclusions.

Key Features:

  • Higher Quality Amethyst: This AA grade Amethyst collection showcases deeper purple tones, adding to its allure.

  • Emotional Healing: Use it for happiness, fear reduction, emotional stability, and promoting love, peace, and courage.

  • Trusted Companion: Amethyst can assist individuals in seeking personal growth and support inner peace.

  • Dream Enhancement: It is known to enhance dreamwork and provide relief from insomnia and nightmares.

  • From Madagascar: Our raw Amethyst hails from the mystical landscapes of Madagascar, known for producing high-quality gemstones with powerful properties.

Indulge in the deeper healing and beauty of our 1lb collection of AA grade raw Amethyst. Whether you use these stones for meditation, energy work, or simply to enjoy their natural elegance, they are your trusted companions on a journey of well-being, spiritual growth, and tranquility.

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