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Raw Amethyst: Stone of Peace

Raw Amethyst: Stone of Peace

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Amethyst, a gem with a rich history of use, holds a place of prominence in the world of crystals. This 1lb collection of Amethyst is a powerhouse of spiritual energy and ancient wisdom. Amethyst is revered for its diverse and potent properties, from promoting happiness and emotional calm to fostering courage, love, and inner peace. It is a stone that aids in dispelling fear, emotional storms, and addiction. It is also known to enhance dreamwork, help with insomnia and nightmares, and is often called the "stone of peace." While the image shows the approximate amount of 1lb, please note that each bag is unique in sizes, shapes, colors, and inclusions. These raw, untumbled Amethyst pieces are sourced from India.

Key Features:

  • Ancient Power: Amethyst has a rich history of use and is celebrated for its diverse and potent properties.

  • Emotional Balance: Use it to find happiness, calm fear, and navigate emotional storms with courage and love.

  • Inner Peace and Tranquility: Amethyst fosters peace and serenity, making it a powerful tool for dispelling addiction and promoting emotional well-being.

  • Dreamwork and Sleep: Enhance your dreamwork, overcome insomnia, and banish nightmares with the soothing energy of Amethyst.

  • From India: Our Amethyst gemstones come from the spiritually vibrant lands of India, known for producing gems of exceptional quality.

Embrace the ancient power and inner peace offered by our 1lb collection of raw, untumbled Amethyst. Whether you use these stones for meditation, energy work, or simply to appreciate their beauty, they are your trusted companions on a journey of well-being, spiritual growth, and serenity.

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