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Raw Green Aventurine: Luck, Clarity and Healing

Raw Green Aventurine: Luck, Clarity and Healing

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Enter the world of fortune and well-being with our 1lb collection of Green Aventurine, the esteemed stone of luck. As a potent good luck charm, Green Aventurine is renowned for its power in games of chance and gambling. Beyond its luck-bringing qualities, this versatile gem is believed to assist with eyesight issues, financial matters, peace, and healing. It carries a projective energy that resonates with the planet Mercury and the element of Air. While the image shows the approximate amount of 1lb, please note that each bag is unique in sizes, shapes, colors, and inclusions. These raw, untumbled gems are sourced from India.

Key Features:

  • Charm of Luck: Green Aventurine is celebrated as a powerful good luck charm, especially in matters of chance and gambling.

  • Healing and Abundance: It is believed to assist in eyesight issues, financial matters, and promotes peace and well-being.

  • Projective Energy: Green Aventurine's projective energy aligns with the planet Mercury and the element of Air, encouraging effective communication and clear thinking.

  • From India: Our raw, untumbled Green Aventurine comes from the vibrant and mystical landscapes of India, a region known for producing gemstones with potent qualities.

Embrace the charm of luck and the healing potential of our 1lb collection of Green Aventurine. Whether you carry these gems with you, use them in energy work, or simply appreciate their beauty, they are your trusted companions on a journey of fortune, well-being, and clear thinking.

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