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Raw Blue Kyanite Stones

Raw Blue Kyanite Stones

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This 1lb collection of raw Kyanite showcases a beautiful crystalline formation with a unique, baby-blue coloring. Kyanite is among the few crystals that are known for never needing to be purified or cleansed of negative energy. It serves as a potent ally, helping to speed things along, aiding in communication, promoting balance of the whole being, resolving blocked emotions, enhancing tranquility, and supporting meditation and release. With a wonderful mix of shards and slivers, each piece boasts its own natural, unique colors, sizes, shapes, perfections, and imperfections. Sold by approximate weight, this collection invites you to experience the multifaceted qualities of Kyanite from Brazil.

  • Clarity and Balance: Kyanite is revered for its ability to bring clarity and balance to the mind and spirit. Its soothing baby-blue coloring encourages tranquility and a sense of inner peace.

  • Communication and Speed: Kyanite aids in communication and helps to speed up processes and the flow of energy. It can be a valuable tool for those seeking to express themselves more effectively.

  • Release and Meditation: This crystal is great for meditation and the release of old patterns and blockages. It assists in unblocking and aligning your chakras and supports emotional healing.

  • A Natural Mix of Shards and Slivers: This collection offers a mix of raw Kyanite shards and slivers, each with its own natural, unique attributes. This variety allows you to explore the versatile nature of Kyanite in your spiritual practices.

  • Sourced from Brazil: Our raw Kyanite is sourced from Brazil, a region known for its rich deposits of high-quality gemstones. The authenticity and quality of these stones are unquestionable, ensuring you receive a collection that captures the unique energy of Kyanite.

  • Sold by Approximate Weight: This collection is sold by approximate weight, not stone size or count. It provides you with a diverse selection of Kyanite pieces, each contributing to your journey of clarity, balance, and release.

Embrace the clarity and balance that raw Kyanite offers as you explore the unique beauty and energy of each shard and sliver. Each piece is ready to accompany you on your journey of inner peace and spiritual growth.

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