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Grounding Blue Tiger Eye Stones

Grounding Blue Tiger Eye Stones

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Blue Tiger Eye, also known as Hawk's Eye, is a fascinating gemstone with natural blue tones that pop through the center of each piece. This unique stone is a powerful companion for grounding, protection, and shifting energies. It's renowned for its ability to shed excess energies and help you find balance within and without, especially during challenging phases of life or when seeking to make a smooth transition.

  • A Glimpse of Natural Beauty: Blue Tiger Eye showcases its natural beauty with captivating blue tones at its core. Each piece is a testament to the Earth's artistry and is more than just a stone; it's a source of balance and protection.

  • Sourced from Madagascar: Our Untumbled Blue Tiger Eye collection hails from Madagascar, a region celebrated for its exceptional gemstones. Their authenticity and quality are unquestionable, ensuring that you receive a collection that radiates the unique energy of Blue Tiger Eye.

  • Sold by Weight: The collection weighs approximately 1lb and is sold by weight only, with sizes, shapes, colors, and inclusions varying from piece to piece. This allows you to enjoy a diverse range of Blue Tiger Eye specimens, each contributing to the harmonious blend of energies and clarity that this gem offers.

Embrace the grounding and protective energy of Blue Tiger Eye and use its clarity and vision to ease doubt and make tough decisions. Each piece, with its unique beauty, is ready to guide you through life's transitions and challenges.

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