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Brass Screen Incense Burner

Brass Screen Incense Burner

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Introducing our Brass Screen Incense Burner, a compact and convenient altar tool designed for those with limited space or those who prefer to keep their instruments discreet when not in use. Measuring 3" x 1", this brass burner comes with a coaster to protect the surface it sits on.

Key Features:

  • Compact Design: With dimensions of 3" x 1", this brass incense burner is ideal for those with limited space on their altar or for those who prefer a subtle and unobtrusive presence.

  • Convenient Altar Tool: The burner provides a convenient and practical solution for your incense-burning rituals, allowing you to easily incorporate it into your sacred space.

  • Coaster Included: The set includes a coaster, offering added protection for the surface the burner is placed on and ensuring a tidy and organized altar.

Enhance your spiritual practices with the Brass Screen Incense Burner, a compact and discreet tool that seamlessly integrates into your altar setup. Let its convenient design and practical features support your rituals and bring a touch of elegance to your sacred space.

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