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Amber Resin Cube Pendant

Amber Resin Cube Pendant

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This small and exquisitely sculpted brass cube pendant contains 5 grams of amber resin, making it a unique and fascinating piece of jewelry. Amber resin has been cherished for its beauty and metaphysical properties for centuries.

Key Features:

  • Amber Resin: Amber is known for its rich, warm colors and is often associated with healing, protection, and positive energy.

  • Sculpted Brass Cube: The pendant's cube shape is carefully crafted, adding an artistic and contemporary touch to this ancient material.

  • Cord Included: The pendant comes with a cord, allowing you to wear it immediately.

  • Size: The pendant measures approximately 3/8 inches.

Amber is believed to have properties that promote positive energy, enhance well-being, and offer protection. When you wear this pendant, you not only carry a piece of nature's beauty but also a symbol of these potential benefits.

This pendant can make a stylish and meaningful addition to your jewelry collection or a thoughtful gift for someone who appreciates the unique beauty and energy of amber resin.

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