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24 Heart-Shaped Opalite Pendants

24 Heart-Shaped Opalite Pendants

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Embrace the delicate and iridescent beauty of Opalite with this set of 24 heart-shaped pendants. Crafted from clear or milky iridescent glass, Opalite is renowned for its highly energetic properties, making it a wonderful color therapy piece. Each pendant measures 3/4" and is designed to assist you during transitions, provide strength in verbalizing feelings, contribute to business success, and offer stabilizing energy.

Key Features:

  • Opalite Material: Opalite is a delicate clear or milky iridescent glass known for its enchanting appearance and energetic properties.

  • Color Therapy: Opalite serves as a wonderful color therapy piece, promoting positive energy and a sense of tranquility.

  • Highly Energetic: The pendants are highly energetic, offering assistance during transitions, providing strength in verbal expression, and contributing to stability.

  • Business Success: Opalite is believed to assist in making businesses successful, making these pendants ideal for entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals.

  • Set of 24 Heart Pendants: This set includes 24 heart-shaped Opalite pendants, each measuring 3/4", allowing you to enjoy the benefits of Opalite in various ways.

Embrace the soothing and empowering energy of Opalite by incorporating these heart pendants into your jewelry collection or daily accessories. Whether worn individually or combined creatively, these Opalite heart pendants add a touch of enchantment to your style and are believed to bring positive energies into your life.

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