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Arcane Arcadia

Radiant Amethyst Chakra Pendant

Radiant Amethyst Chakra Pendant

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This beautiful Amethyst pendant is a radiant piece of jewelry that exudes great energy and elegance. The pendant is adorned with small stones down the front, adding to its unique charm and helping to keep you in alignment. It comes with a 20" chain, and the pendant itself measures approximately 3" in length.

Key Features:

  • Amethyst Beauty: The Amethyst pendant is known for its radiant and calming energy.

  • Alignment Assistance: The small stones on the pendant are designed to assist in keeping you aligned and balanced.

  • Complete Set: This pendant comes with a 20" chain, allowing you to wear it immediately.

Enhance your style and your sense of alignment with this beautiful Amethyst pendant. Whether for its energetic properties or its elegant design, it's a meaningful and eye-catching piece of jewelry.

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