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Awakened Amethyst Tree of Life Pendant

Awakened Amethyst Tree of Life Pendant

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This silver-toned Tree of Life pendant is a powerful symbol of reconnection and self-awakening. The pendant's leaves are made of Amethyst chips, known for their calming and spiritual properties. Wearing it or keeping it near your person can help you re-connect with your soul and awaken your sense of self. The pendant measures approximately 2" in circumference and includes a 20" chain. Please note that sizes and colors may vary slightly.

Key Features:

  • Amethyst Chips: Amethyst is associated with spiritual connection, peace, and inner harmony.

  • Tree of Life Symbol: The Tree of Life represents interconnectedness and the cycle of life.

  • Complete Set: The pendant comes with a 20" chain, ready to wear.

Wearing this Amethyst Tree of Life Chakra pendant can help you align your energy centers and find inner balance. Whether for its symbolism or its beautiful design, this pendant is a meaningful addition to your jewelry collection.

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