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Glass Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

Glass Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

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Elevate your aromatherapy experience with our Glass Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser. This mesmerizing diffuser combines aesthetics with functionality, featuring 7 changeable LED colors to create a soothing ambiance. With a run time of 3 hours and an automatic shut-off feature when the water runs out, this diffuser ensures a safe and delightful aromatic experience. Please note that oil is not included.

Key Features:

  • Glass Construction: The 9" diffuser is crafted from glass, adding a touch of elegance to your space while allowing for a visually appealing display of changing LED colors.

  • 7 Changeable LED Colors: Create a tranquil atmosphere with the option to choose from 7 changeable LED colors, adapting to your mood and preferences.

  • 3-Hour Run Time: Enjoy extended aromatherapy sessions with a run time of 3 hours, providing a continuous and delightful fragrance experience.

  • Automatic Shut-Off: The diffuser is equipped with an automatic shut-off feature, ensuring safety by turning off when the water level is too low. This feature adds convenience and peace of mind.

  • Oil Not Included: Please note that essential oils are not included, allowing you the flexibility to use your preferred scents.

Transform your living space into a haven of relaxation with the Glass Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser. Let the enchanting LED colors and aromatic mist contribute to a serene atmosphere, making it an essential addition to your home.

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