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Bone Handled Damascus Athame

Bone Handled Damascus Athame

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Unlock the mystic energy within your rituals with the Bone Handled Damascus Athame, a remarkable blade that combines the strength of Damascus steel with the primal essence of bone. Each athame is a unique creation, featuring a distinctive bone handle and a short Damascus blade that adds a touch of ancient craftsmanship to your ritual practices.

Key Features:

  • Bone Handled Design: The athame features a handle made from bone, providing a connection to the primal energies and ancient traditions associated with bone in ritual tools.

  • Short Damascus Blade: The Damascus steel blade is carefully crafted to create a visually striking and unique pattern, enhancing the athame's appeal and adding an element of mystery to your rituals.

  • Length and Handle Shape Variation: Each athame is a one-of-a-kind creation, with variations in both length and handle shape, ensuring that your ritual tool is uniquely yours.

  • Overall Dimensions: The athame has an overall length of 8 1/2 inches, providing a balanced and versatile tool for various magical practices.

  • Blade Length: The Damascus blade measures 3 inches, offering a compact yet potent edge for directing energy in your rituals.

  • Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. For more information, visit

The Bone Handled Damascus Athame is more than just a ritual tool; it is a connection to the ancient wisdom and power associated with bone and the artistry of Damascus steel. Embrace the unique energy of this athame in your magical workings and rituals.

Note: Due to the variations in handle shape and the unique patterns of Damascus steel, each athame is a one-of-a-kind piece, making it a truly special addition to your magical toolkit.

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