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Goddess Crescent Moon Athame

Goddess Crescent Moon Athame

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Elevate your ritual practices with our Goddess Crescent Moon Athame, a sleek and high-quality stainless steel blade that extends through the full length of the hilt. This athame is adorned with an applied amulet featuring the Goddess on a crescent moon, adding a touch of divine energy to your ceremonies.

Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel Blade: The high-quality stainless steel blade provides durability and sharpness for various ritual purposes.

  • Goddess Crescent Moon Amulet: Adorned with a Goddess on a crescent moon, this amulet adds a symbolic and spiritual dimension to your athame.

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for circle casting, energy directing, or any ritual purpose, this athame serves as a versatile tool in your magical practice.

  • Full-Length Blade: The blade extends through the entire hilt, ensuring stability and strength during use.

  • Leather Sheath: Comes with a leather sheath for safe storage and transport. The sheath measures 9 1/2" and accommodates the 4" sharpened blade.

Enhance the power and intention of your rituals with the Goddess Crescent Moon Athame. Whether you're casting circles, directing energy, or incorporating symbolic elements into your practice, this athame serves as a potent and visually striking tool. Embrace the divine energy and craftsmanship that this athame brings to your sacred space.

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