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Arcane Arcadia

Pentagram & Bird Ritual Bowl

Pentagram & Bird Ritual Bowl

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Infuse your rituals with a touch of mystique using this large iron bowl adorned with a Pentagram and a crow on the front. Designed for practicality and aesthetic appeal, this bowl features an attached 2" dish inside to fit a pillar candle, providing both functionality and a striking visual element. With a width of 5" across the top, this iron bowl creates a captivating focal point for your sacred space.

Key Features:

  • Material: Crafted from durable iron, this bowl exudes a rustic and robust aesthetic, adding an earthy element to your rituals.

  • Pentagram and Crow Design: The presence of the Pentagram and crow enhances the mystical and symbolic aspects of this bowl, adding a layer of spiritual significance.

  • Attached Dish for Pillar Candle: The 2" dish inside the bowl is strategically placed for holding a pillar candle, allowing you to incorporate candle magic into your rituals.

  • Size: With a generous width of 5" across the top, this bowl is both spacious and visually impactful, making it a versatile addition to your sacred space.

Elevate your rituals and ceremonies with the enchanting energy of this large iron bowl. Whether used for holding offerings, conducting rituals, or as a centerpiece on your altar, the combination of the Pentagram, crow, and functional design makes this bowl a meaningful and visually striking addition to your spiritual practices.

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