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Pentagram Copper Offering Bowl

Pentagram Copper Offering Bowl

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Celebrate the mystical energy of the pentagram with this copper offering bowl adorned with a brass accent. Sized to fit seamlessly on any altar or rest before an icon, this bowl combines the warmth of copper with the symbolic power of the pentagram.

Key Features:

  • Material: Crafted from copper with a brass pentagram accent, this offering bowl exudes warmth and carries the spiritual symbolism of the pentagram.

  • Pentagram Symbol: The presence of the pentagram, a powerful and ancient symbol, adds a layer of mysticism and spiritual significance to the bowl.

  • Versatility: Sized for easy placement on any altar or before an icon, this bowl is versatile and can hold offerings or small ritual items.

  • Artistic Detailing: The brass accent featuring the pentagram is intricately designed, adding an artistic and visually compelling element to the offering bowl.

Immerse yourself in the sacred symbolism of the pentagram as you incorporate this copper offering bowl into your rituals and ceremonies. Whether used for offerings, meditation, or as a decorative piece on your altar, this bowl serves as a meaningful and aesthetically pleasing representation of spiritual energy.

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