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New Moon Ritual Kit

New Moon Ritual Kit

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Harness the energy of the New Moon with this carefully curated New Moon Ritual Kit. Ideal for manifesting and setting intentions for the months ahead, this kit provides the tools needed to create a unique and meaningful ritual. Each kit includes:

  • Make a Wish Herbal Spell Mix: A blend of herbs crafted to enhance your ritual. This mix can be used as a smudge, burned during the ritual, or incorporated into a ritual bath.

  • White Candle: A symbol of purity and illumination, the white candle is perfect for invoking positive energy and setting intentions.

  • Black Protection Salt: Use this specially crafted salt for protection and grounding during your New Moon ritual.

  • Tumbled Labradorite: Labradorite is known for its mystical properties, promoting intuition and spiritual insight. Hold it during your ritual or place it on your altar.

  • Crescent Moon Charm: A symbolic representation of the New Moon phase, this charm adds a touch of magic to your ritual.

Instructions for various uses of the herbal mix are included, offering flexibility in how you incorporate these tools into your New Moon ritual. Whether you choose to burn the herbs, dress the candle, or create a ritual bath, this kit provides a holistic and customizable experience for your intentions and manifestations during the New Moon.

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