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Arcane Arcadia

Gold Magnetic Sand

Gold Magnetic Sand

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Boost the potency of your money drawing spells with our Gold Magnetic Sand. Crafted to be fed to your lodestone, this magnetic sand serves as a powerful tool to amplify success in your financial endeavors. Available in 1oz, 4oz, and 1lb quantities, it offers flexibility to suit your specific magickal needs.

Key Features:

  • Money Drawing Power: Gold Magnetic Sand is designed to enhance the potency of your money drawing spells, attracting financial success and prosperity.

  • Lodestone Empowerment: Feed this magnetic sand to your lodestone to empower it with magnetic properties, creating a magickal synergy for money manifestation.

  • Available Quantities: Choose from quantities of 1oz, 4oz, and 1lb based on your magickal requirements.

Elevate the effectiveness of your money drawing rituals and financial magick with Gold Magnetic Sand. Let the golden energy infuse your spells, attracting abundance and prosperity into your life. Feed your lodestone with this magnetic sand, and watch as your financial endeavors flourish with newfound success.

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