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Fatima Hand Copper Offering Bowl

Fatima Hand Copper Offering Bowl

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Enhance your sacred space with this beautifully adorned copper offering bowl featuring a brass accent of the mystical symbol of the Fatima Hand. Sized to fit seamlessly on any altar or rest before an icon, this offering bowl combines the warmth of copper with the intricate detailing of the Fatima Hand, creating a meaningful and aesthetic addition to your spiritual practices.

Key Features:

  • Material: Crafted from copper, this offering bowl exudes a warm and inviting energy, while the brass accent featuring the Fatima Hand adds a touch of mystical symbolism.

  • Mystical Symbol: The inclusion of the Fatima Hand, a powerful symbol associated with protection and blessings in various cultures, adds a layer of spiritual significance to the offering bowl.

  • Versatile Size: Sized to easily fit on any altar or rest before an icon, this offering bowl is both versatile and accessible for a range of spiritual practices.

  • Decorative Detailing: The brass accent is intricately decorated with the mystical symbol, adding an artistic and meaningful touch to the bowl.

Whether you use it for offerings, rituals, or as a decorative element in your sacred space, this copper offering bowl with the Fatima Hand symbol is designed to infuse your spiritual practices with a sense of reverence and intention. Let it stand as a beautiful and meaningful representation of your spiritual journey.

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