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Black Agate Rune Set

Black Agate Rune Set

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Embrace the protective power of our Black Agate Rune Set. This remarkable collection features the runic alphabet, intricately carved and accented with gold coloring on each Black Agate stone. Black Agate is known for its protective properties and its ability to assist with stress, grief, grounding, and fostering peace. This set is made in India and elegantly presented in a pouch.

Key Features:

  • Protective Energy: Black Agate is celebrated for its protective qualities, making it an ideal choice for divination and energetic work. These runes carry the energy of protection to shield and guide you during your divination practice.

  • Stress Relief: Black Agate is believed to help alleviate stress, bringing calmness and stability to your divinatory sessions.

  • Emotional Healing: The stone's properties can also assist in grief and help you move forward, grounding your energy and fostering inner peace.

  • Elegant Pouch: Your rune set comes in an elegant pouch, providing a secure and stylish way to store your Black Agate runes.

With the Black Agate Rune Set, you can immerse yourself in the protective energy of Black Agate while seeking guidance, insight, and emotional healing during your divinatory journey. This set offers a strong and supportive presence to enhance your divination practice.

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