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Handcrafted Bloodstone Rune Set

Handcrafted Bloodstone Rune Set

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Embrace the mystical arts of divination and magic with our Handcrafted Bloodstone Rune Set. This exquisite collection showcases the full 24 runes of the Elder Futhark, each thoughtfully handcrafted in bloodstone, and features an additional blank rune stone accented with gold lettering. These bloodstone runes vary in size, measuring between 1/2" to 1". Sourced from India, this set is elegantly presented in a pouch with a pouch color that may vary.

Key Features:

  • Elder Futhark Mastery: The Handcrafted Bloodstone Rune Set is a tribute to the ancient Elder Futhark tradition, featuring all 24 runes meticulously crafted in bloodstone. Each rune is adorned with gold lettering, preserving the traditional symbolism and meanings.

  • Power of Bloodstone: Bloodstone is renowned for its grounding and protective properties. It enhances your divination practice and magical workings while providing stability and clarity.

  • Variability in Stone Sizes: The bloodstone runes within the set exhibit a range of sizes from 1/2" to 1", adding a tactile and visual dimension to your divination rituals and making each reading a unique experience.

  • Elegant Pouch: Your rune set comes in an elegant pouch, with the pouch color subject to variation. This adds an element of surprise to your set and ensures that your bloodstone runes are both secure and readily accessible.

With the Handcrafted Bloodstone Rune Set, you can immerse yourself in the ancient wisdom of the Elder Futhark while tapping into the grounding and protective power of bloodstone. Use these runes to seek guidance, answers, and personal growth as you embark on your journey of divination and magic.

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