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Citrine Rune Stone Set

Citrine Rune Stone Set

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Enhance your divination with our Citrine Rune Stone Set, crafted from vibrant Citrine stone. Each rune is meticulously hand-carved, harnessing the stone's energy. Citrine is associated with abundance, wealth, learning, and new beginnings, making it a valuable tool for life insights. The stones are about 1/2" in size and have undergone a heat treatment process. Sourced from India, they come in a pouch with varying colors.

Key Features:

  • Citrine's Manifesting Power: Citrine is celebrated for its manifesting abilities, making it an ideal stone for abundance, wealth, learning, and new beginnings. It brings an energetic boost to your divination practice.

  • Hand-Carved Runic Letters: Each Citrine rune piece is meticulously hand-carved with the runic letters, preserving the tradition and symbolism of the runes. This adds a personal and artisanal touch to your divination.

  • Size Variation: While most of the Citrine stones measure approximately 1/2", there may be slight size variations, adding tactile and visual richness to your runic readings.

  • Elegant Pouch: Your Citrine Rune Stone Set is presented in an elegant pouch, although the pouch color may vary, introducing an element of surprise to your set. This pouch ensures that your Citrine runes remain secure and easily accessible.

  • Origin: Sourced from India, these Citrine runes connect you to the rich spiritual heritage and craftsmanship of their place of origin.

With the Citrine Rune Stone Set, you can tap into the manifesting power of Citrine while embracing the ancient wisdom of the runes. Seek abundance, insights, and personal growth in various aspects of your life as you embark on your divinatory journey with these vibrant and energizing Citrine runes.

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