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Blue Sodalite Rune Stone Set

Blue Sodalite Rune Stone Set

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Experience the profound world of runic divination with our Blue Sodalite Rune Stone Set. This unique collection consists of 25 tumbled Sodalite stones, each adorned with the engraved and gilded symbols of the Futhark rune set. Sodalite, a stone renowned for its ability to calm the inner critic and foster harmony and balance between the body and mind, makes this set an exceptional tool for those seeking patience and deeper meaning.

Key Features:

  • Futhark Rune Mastery: Our Blue Sodalite Rune Set comprises 25 stones, each expertly engraved and gilded with the symbols of the Futhark rune set. This exquisite craftsmanship preserves the essence of these ancient symbols, empowering your divinations.

  • Sodalite's Tranquil Power: Sodalite is celebrated for its unique ability to silence the inner critic and promote a sense of harmony and balance within. It lends patience to situations where haste might otherwise prevail, making it an invaluable ally in your quest for deeper understanding.

  • Unlocking Hidden Meaning: Sodalite is a key to unveiling the meaning behind life's mysteries, fostering objective peace even in the most subjective situations. With these runic Sodalite stones, you can access a profound sense of clarity and insight.

  • Size Variation: Each tumbled Sodalite stone varies in size and shape, creating a tactile and visual dimension to your runic readings, enriching your divination experience.

  • Elegant Pouch: Your rune set comes housed in a pouch, though the color may vary, adding an element of surprise to your set. This pouch ensures your runes remain secure, accessible, and well-protected.

  • Origin: These Sodalite stones are thoughtfully sourced from India, connecting you to the rich spiritual heritage and craftsmanship of their place of origin.

With the Blue Sodalite Rune Stone Set, you can dive into the world of runic divination, harness the tranquil power of Sodalite, and uncover the deeper meaning behind life's enigmas. It's your gateway to patience, insight, and personal transformation.

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