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Captivating Bastet Statue

Captivating Bastet Statue

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Celebrate the divine energy of Bastet with our captivating cat statue—honoring the revered Egyptian goddess. This exquisite piece features a seated cat with a gracefully wrapped tail, crafted with smooth, sleek satin black resin and adorned with regal gold highlights. Perfect for mantels or altars, this statue is not only a symbol of feline elegance but also a powerful representation of the goddess Bastet. Made from cast resin, it stands at a regal 8", making it an ideal addition for cat lovers and those who honor this ancient deity.

Key Features:

Bastet, the Feline Goddess: This cat statue pays homage to Bastet, the Egyptian goddess, embodying the qualities of protection, grace, and the divine feminine.

Regal Design: The statue features a seated cat with a wrapped tail, finished in smooth, sleek satin black resin with gold highlights, creating a regal and elegant appearance.

Altar or Mantel Decor: Ideal for altar or mantel display, this statue adds a touch of mystique and sacred energy to any space.

Cast Resin Construction: Crafted with cast resin, this statue combines durability with a refined aesthetic, ensuring a lasting and beautiful addition to your collection.

Size and Dimensions: Standing at 8", the statue is a significant yet manageable size, allowing for versatile placement in your sacred space.

Invoke the protective and graceful energy of Bastet into your home with this stunning cat statue. Whether you're a cat lover or a devotee of ancient Egyptian deities, this regal piece serves as a timeless symbol of divine femininity and feline elegance.

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