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Arcane Arcadia

Moon Goddess Diana Statue

Moon Goddess Diana Statue

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Capture the essence of the goddess of the hunt, the moon, and childbirth with this exquisite Diana sculpture. Diana, celebrated for her strength, independence, and connection to nature, is depicted here in a stunning portrayal alongside a full-grown stag, sword, and hunting spear. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the sculpture boasts an overall bronze appearance that is accentuated by selectively picked out details, adding a touch of magical majesty to this wonderful piece.

Key Features:

  • Goddess Diana Representation: This sculpture beautifully captures the spirit of Diana, the goddess associated with the hunt, the moon, and women's fertility and childbirth.

  • Symbolic Elements: Diana is depicted alongside a full-grown stag, sword, and hunting spear, symbolizing her role as a warrior and protector of nature.

  • Cold Cast Resin: Crafted from cold cast resin, the sculpture combines the durability of resin with a cold casting process, resulting in a detailed and lifelike appearance.

  • Dimensions: With dimensions of 10 1/4" x 7" x 5", this sculpture makes a striking addition to any space, offering a visual representation of strength, femininity, and the divine.

  • Bronze Appearance: The overall bronze appearance of the sculpture adds a timeless and classic touch, creating a sense of reverence for the goddess Diana.

  • Magical Majesty: Selective detailing enhances the magical quality of the sculpture, making it not only a visual delight but also a piece with spiritual significance.

Invite the energy of Diana into your space with this thoughtfully crafted sculpture. Whether displayed as a focal point or incorporated into a sacred space, this piece embodies the ideals of strong and independent femininity, making it a meaningful addition to any collection or decor.

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