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Arcane Arcadia

Arrowhead Protection Pendant

Arrowhead Protection Pendant

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This arrowhead pendant, measuring approximately 1 1/4" in size, carries a powerful symbolism. Arrowheads are often associated with protection, strength, and courage. The pendant serves as a reminder of these qualities and can be worn to express these traits.

Key Features:

  • Symbol of Protection: Arrowheads are recognized as symbols of protection.

  • Strength and Courage: This pendant represents strength and courage, making it a meaningful accessory.

  • Simple and Versatile: The pendant's design is simple and versatile, suitable for various styles.

Wear this arrowhead pendant as a symbol of protection, strength, and courage. Whether for personal significance or as a stylish accessory, it carries a meaningful message with its simplicity. Please note that the size is approximately 1 1/4".

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