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Blackthorn's Botanical Magic

Blackthorn's Botanical Magic

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Blackthorn's Botanical Magic offers a groundbreaking exploration into the transformative powers of essential oils for use in spellcraft and the cultivation of ritual power. Authored by Amy Blackthorn, the visionary behind Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends, this contemporary guide transcends the traditional understanding of scents, delving into their hidden realms and their profound role in prayer, meditation, and shamanic journeying.

Key Features:

  • Rich History and Lore: Uncover the fascinating history and lore of scent-related magic, tracing its roots and evolution through the ages.

  • Essential Oil Recipes and Projects: Explore over 135 essential oil recipes and craft projects, offering practical applications for harnessing the power of scent in magical practice.

  • Enhancing Divination: Learn how magical aromatherapy can enhance divination practices with tarot and runes, unlocking new dimensions of insight and clarity.

  • Practical Guidance: Gain practical information on purchasing, blending, and storing essential oils, ensuring optimal efficacy and potency in your magical endeavors.

This groundbreaking volume spans 336 pages and measures 7 x 1 x 9 inches, making it an essential resource for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of botanical magic and unlock the transformative potential of scent in their spiritual practice.

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