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Book of Crystal Spells by Ember Grant

Book of Crystal Spells by Ember Grant

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Elevate your crystal-centric magical journey to new heights with this comprehensive handbook filled with enchanting spells, captivating rituals, and innovative techniques for harnessing the power of stones. Accomplished Wiccan author Ember Grant delves deep into the realm of crystal magic in this pragmatic guide. Discover the myriad varieties of crystals, rocks, and gemstones, and gain invaluable insights into acquiring, purifying, energizing, and preserving them.

Embark on an exploration of mystical practices including crystal grids, the mystique of numerology, the allure of quartz points and clusters, the secrets of metals and alchemy, the enchantment of glass and sand magic, the mysticism of magical jewelry, the allure of elixirs, the potency of personal power stones, the tranquility of meditation, and the revelation of divination. Unearth an abundance of spells tailored for various purposes, ranging from enhancing your living space and nurturing your garden, promoting well-being, igniting passion in love, resolving dilemmas, weaving dreams, embarking on astral journeys, and much more.

Refine your expertise through hands-on exercises designed to expand your understanding and utilize the provided grids as templates to craft your very own layouts. Inclusive appendices teeming with correspondences and a user-friendly glossary render this manual an invaluable resource for practitioners at every stage of their mystical journey, including those just setting foot upon the path.

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