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Call of Intuition by Kris Franken

Call of Intuition by Kris Franken

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In "The Call of Intuition," you will embark on a transformative six-step journey designed to empower you to live from a place of heightened self-awareness. This practice incorporates various elements, including chakras, crystals, mindfulness, communication with Spirit Guides, prayers, and more. Through these methods, you will harmonize with the natural flow of universal energy and unlock your fullest potential.

Author Kris Franken, a spiritual intuitive, guides you through her distinctive process, which involves the following steps: breathe, surrender, connect, trust, honor, and nourish. Along the way, you will find practical exercises and hands-on techniques that encourage you to embrace courage and compassion, allowing you to align with your true self and heed the call of your Soul.

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