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Grimoire of the Green Witch by Ann Moura

Grimoire of the Green Witch by Ann Moura

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"Grimoire for the Green Witch" by Ann Moura provides readers with a personal Book of Shadows that they can use as a working guide for rituals, spells, and divination. This grimoire is based on the author's family tradition and her own magical experiences, making it an authentic and practical resource for witches.

Within its pages, you'll find a wealth of magical information, including rituals for both Esbats and Sabbats, correspondences, techniques for casting circles, sigils, symbols, recitations, spells, recipes for teas and oils, instructions for ritual baths, and methods of divination. This comprehensive grimoire covers all aspects of Craft practice, from the purely magical to the deeply spiritual, and it can be adapted to fit various traditions of Witchcraft. It serves as a distillation of Green Witchcraft, offering room for personal growth and inspiration.

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