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Working Conjure Guide to Hoodoo Folk Magic

Working Conjure Guide to Hoodoo Folk Magic

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"Working Conjure" delves into the ancient and potent system of North American folk magic known as Conjure, Hoodoo, or Rootwork. Rooted in West and Central African spiritual traditions, Conjure evolved during the slave trade as a means to alleviate the harsh oppression experienced by slaves. Author Hoodoo Sen Moise, with nearly forty years of practice, shares the history, culture, principles, fundamentals, and ethics of Conjure, making it a comprehensive guide for both beginners and adept practitioners.

Key Features:

  • Historical Roots: Explore the historical origins and cultural context of Conjure, tracing its development during the slave trade.

  • Primary Materials in Conjure: Gain insights into the essential materials used in Conjure practices, providing a foundational understanding of the craft.

  • Spells, Rituals, and Workings: Discover a variety of spells, rituals, and workings tailored for different purposes, including relationships, money, jobs, revenge, healing, and cleansing.

  • Practical How-to Guide: Learn practical techniques and lessons that bring Conjure to life, making it accessible for newcomers while offering valuable information for experienced practitioners.

  • Fundamental Tenet of Conjure: Understand the core philosophy of Conjure, which revolves around doing spiritual work to bring about positive changes in various life circumstances.

  • Page Count: The book spans 208 pages, providing an in-depth exploration of Conjure from historical roots to practical applications.

"Working Conjure" serves as a comprehensive guide to the practice of Conjure, offering a blend of historical context, practical techniques, and ethical considerations. Whether you are new to the craft or an experienced practitioner, this book provides valuable insights into the transformative power of Conjure in shaping and changing life circumstances.

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