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Magic Spell Candles - 12 pack

Magic Spell Candles - 12 pack

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Elevate your spellwork with these Magic Spell Candles, a collection of 12 chime candles designed to enhance various aspects of your magical practice. Each candle, measuring 1/2", corresponds to a specific color and intention:

  • Black (2 candles): Banishing, protection, absorption of negativity

  • White (2 candles): Purity, cleansing, spiritual connection

  • Pink (1 candle): Love, friendship, compassion

  • Dark Blue (1 candle): Wisdom, protection, tranquility

  • Light Blue (1 candle): Communication, clarity, prosperity

  • Orange (1 candle): Creativity, success, attraction

  • Green (1 candle): Healing, growth, abundance

  • Red (1 candle): Passion, love, courage

  • Yellow (1 candle): Communication, clarity, prosperity

This comprehensive set allows you to align your spellwork with specific intentions and energies associated with each color. Illuminate your rituals and manifest your desires with the enchanting glow of these versatile chime candles. Explore the diverse spectrum of magical possibilities with Magic Spell Candles.

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