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White Chime Candles - 20 pack

White Chime Candles - 20 pack

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Introducing the White Chime Candles, each measuring 4" x 1/2", this pack of 20 candles is the perfect choice for invoking purity and peace, adding potency to protection spells, and enhancing the energies of happiness and strength.

Key Features:

  • White Chime Candles (4" x 1/2"), 20 Pack: These candles come in a convenient pack of 20, measuring 4" x 1/2", making them ideal for various spellwork, rituals, and intentions.

  • Color of Purity and Peace: White symbolizes purity and peace, making these chime candles suitable for invoking serene energies and enhancing the potency of protection spells.

  • Versatile Application: Whether you're performing rituals, spellwork, or simply seeking to add a touch of purity to your space, these chime candles provide versatility in their application.

Invoke the energies of purity and peace into your rituals or spellwork with the White Chime Candles. Their compact size and convenient pack make them a versatile addition to your magical practices, allowing you to infuse your intentions with the serene and powerful vibrations of white energy.

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