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Black Onyx Pentagram Chime Holder

Black Onyx Pentagram Chime Holder

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Experience the powerful synergy of mysticism and elegance with our Black Onyx Pentagram Chime Holder. Despite its petite size, this holder exudes positive energy and serves as a captivating accent to your sacred space. Specifically crafted to accommodate a chime candle, this holder measures a compact 1 1/2" x 1 1/2".

Key Features:

  • Black Onyx Elegance: Crafted from Black Onyx, this chime holder embodies sophistication and spiritual grounding, infusing your ritual with the protective and stabilizing energy of this gemstone.

  • Pentagram Symbolism: The holder features a pentagram design, symbolizing the elements and spiritual interconnectedness. This timeless symbol adds depth and meaning to your candle rituals.

  • Petite Size, Powerful Energy: Despite its small dimensions, this chime holder is packed with positive energy, making it an ideal focal point for your meditation or spellwork.

  • Chime Candle Compatibility: Designed to accommodate a chime candle, this holder is perfect for adding a touch of magic to your rituals, creating a serene ambiance in your sacred space.

Enhance your spiritual practices with the Black Onyx Pentagram Chime Holder. Its petite size makes it versatile for various altar arrangements, while its symbolic design and powerful energy make it a meaningful addition to your mystical journey.

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