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Reversible Pillar Candle

Reversible Pillar Candle

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The Reversible Pillar Candle is a powerful tool for all your reversing candle magic, revealing hidden truths, and ritual needs. This solid pillar candle features red at the top and black underneath, making it ideal for returning negative energy back to its source. The reversible nature of this candle symbolizes the overcoming of evil, especially when used to reveal hidden truths. Measuring 9" x 1 1/2", it provides a substantial and symbolic addition to your magical practices.

Key Features:

  • Reversible Pillar Candle: Specifically designed for reversing candle magic, this pillar candle features red at the top and black underneath, symbolizing the return of negative energy to its source.

  • Powerful Symbolism for Overcoming Evil: The red wax melting down onto the black wax during burning symbolizes the triumph over evil, making this candle a potent tool for rituals involving the revelation of hidden truths.

  • Carving for Personalization: Carve the name of the person you intend to return the negative energy to, preferably using reverse lettering, to enhance the personalization and intention of your ritual.

  • Measures 9" x 1 1/2": The dimensions of the candle make it a substantial and symbolic addition to your magical ceremonies, providing a visual representation of the reversal of negative energy.

Illuminate your reversing candle magic with the Reversible Pillar Candle. Use it to reveal hidden truths, return negative energy to its source, and symbolize the triumph over evil. Whether used in spellwork, rituals, or as an altar centerpiece, this candle serves as a potent and visually striking tool for those seeking to overcome and reverse negative influences.

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