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Ohli-Way Scented Quartz Candles

Ohli-Way Scented Quartz Candles

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Introducing Ohli-Way Scented Quartz Candles, each carefully crafted with unique scents and crystal chips to amplify your intentions. These esoteric candles come in a tin with a lid, containing 120 grams of magical goodness. Illuminate your space and infuse it with the energies you desire using these intention-focused candles.

  • Open Roads Secret Penoy Candle

    • Scent: Penoy
    • Intention: Heal obstacles, success, and new avenues

  • Attract Money Flora Gold Candle

    • Scent: Flora Gold
    • Intention: Abundance, prosperity, and good luck

  • Unlock Turmeric Shl Candle

    • Scent: Turmeric Shl
    • Intention: Unite, negativity protection, and love

  • Black Chicken Aloevera Blast Candle

    • Scent: Aloevera Blast
    • Intention: Spiritual cleansing, negative energy healing, and protection

  • Lottery Fair Lady Candle

    • Scent: Fair Lady
    • Intention: Abundance, good luck, and fortune

  • Patchouli Amber Candle

    • Scent: Patchouli Amber
    • Intention: Negative energy healing, negate spells, and spiritual awakening

  • All Purpose Para Todo Lime Candle

    • Scent: Lime
    • Intention: Fortune, abundance, prosperity, and love

  • Go Away Evil Berry Fruit Candle

    • Scent: Berry Fruit
    • Intention: Negative energy healing, spiritual cleansing, and obstacle healing

  • Reversible Mysore Wood Candle

    • Scent: Mysore Wood
    • Intention: Protection, clear negative forces, and heal obstacles

  • Santa Muerte Holy Death Clover Candle

    • Scent: Clover
    • Intention: Undo spells, protection, and safety

  • St. Michael San Miguel Coral Bloom Candle

    • Scent: Coral Bloom
    • Intention: Defense, protection, and guard

  • Fast Luck Suerte Rapida Candle

    • Scent: White Tea and Pear
    • Intention: Good luck, fortune, and abundance

  • Come To Me Ven A Mi Candle

    • Scent: Premium Orange
    • Intention: Love, commitment, and romance

Illuminate your sacred space with the enchanting scents and intentional energies of Ohli-Way Scented Quartz Candles. Whether you seek healing, prosperity, protection, or love, these candles provide a magical ambiance to support your intentions. Light the way to your desires with Ohli-Way's esoteric offerings.

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